SWAV 326 : Getting your SEO game UP W/ Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

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SWAV 326 : Getting your SEO game UP W/ Akilah Thompkins-Robinson


SWAV 326 : Getting your SEO game UP W/ Akilah Thompkins-Robinson


Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

SEO Expert



  • My name is Akilah Thompkins – Robinson, I run Online Boutique Source and the goal of the online boutique source is to help women who would like to start with online retailing and to teach them about traffic, marketing and of course running their boutique. So, its not only focusing on the fashion and getting the products. I really talk about the marketing, building client, emailing different things, seo; which is one of my specialties, different things to not just have a shop online…


  • I am a lazy blogger. I love passive things. You know, I work when I want to work, but I like passive things if I can. So, Pintrest is my next biggest one like 20%. The thing I like about pinterest is that it uses a lot of SEO strategies that I use for Google. So, I don’t really have to learn something like 2-3 different things. I can use what I already know and we would use it for Pinterest


  • Pictures and videos and lives. Take all of those stuff and put it on your site. That’s the type of thing that google or any search engine is going to look for. That is what they are going to see. So, stop saying “I don’t need to blog” or “ I don’t want to blog” It is work, yeah but, you are already writing stuff anyway.


“Create Content!”


Connect with Akilah Thompkins – Robinson


Facebook: Akilah Thompkins – Robinson

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SWAV 325 : Attracting your IDEAL Client Without spending on Ads W/ Juliette Stapleton


SWAV 325 : Attracting your IDEAL Client Without spending on Ads W/ Juliette Stapleton


Special Guest:

Juliette Stapleton



  • Thank you so much for inviting me! I am delighted to be here and share a little bit of this energy that we have. So, yes! I am doing well! … I am talking to you actually from South East of Ireland. I am not from Ireland myself. Even farther, I am from Estonia, town in Estonia, which is a very land/city. I have been here for 18 years.


  • That is so true! And they will relate to you! I have so many situation. I am very honest when working with people. I wouldn’t put people just for their money! So, somebody comes to me. They come from a good background, so I am thinking… Maybe, I am not the right fit for them and I would say “Hey, look there is another organic marketer that I know is more sort of in you industry. Check them out!” Cause I do not need to do it just for the money.


  • Starting my business, it was scary that I may failed cause we literally had zero income at that point/time in our lives. Anyway, it was the best decision that I have ever made. And, I am very very quick in creating enough grinds from where I live too. Some of this people I still work with because they still have the digital marketing agency.


  • For the next 12 months, my goal is to completely move all my business to online and close down my digital marketing agency and just do the Fearless Client Attraction online and hopefully. By the end of the 12 months business, I will be talking with you from somewhere in Spain.


Connect with Juliette Stapleton

Facebook: Julitter Stapleton Organic Marketing Strategies

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SWAV 324: New Announcement


SWAV 324: New Announcement

Isiah Fowler


I have been podcasting for 2 years now and there’s people who don’t know the story, my story. I was married and I got divorced. Right before I got divorced, I had started this podcast. When I started this podcast, it was so therapeutic for me. It was helping me cope. It was helping me do so many thing, I was making connection and was building my brand. I was building so many things and I was making money while helping people. It was cool! I went on tour, got featured on Huffington Post, I was with my first entrepreneurial mix tape and so much.

We are at 320 episodes and a little more right now. 324 episodes, actually. So much  has happened! Almost 100K downloads! Just very good stuff! I have just been continuing to learn and grow. I just started offering this service to other people.

As a service and as a business, we’ve made money. And, I have just been in a very reflective state with this being end of the year and all. It’s very crazy because, we are all in this world for whatever reason we are in it for. Figuring it out and growing, stuff like that.

So for me, I have just been reflecting a lot and I have been committed to 4 days a week for the podcast for so long and I am not going to say I am burnt out, but what I will say is that I think we’ve made an executive decision to scale back to one episode a week as of now. It is the end of the year and I truly think that there is being a growth that is being held.

I do not know exactly what it is, how to put my hand on it or put my finger on it. But, one thing that I will says is, there is something big about to happen. Because of that, I wanted to make sure that I am truly prepared and ready for it. This is, in my opinion the best podcast on the planet. But, I think it’s time to grow and spread this wings.

This is like a PSA (Public Service Announcement) to let everybody know that.. “ Hey, something is about to happen.” I do not know what it is, I can’t put a finger on it. But, I wanted to let you guys know, the faithful listeners that it is time to grow. It is time to grow right now! It’s holiday season right now is we will do the podcast once a week, every monday and as time goes on we are going to figure it out.

We will see where things get us too.  I may do branding or exclusively be a marketer. The thing about me is that I am so creative and free spirit. I kind of do were the wind takes me in an organized manner. For me, I think that is what it is going to be and I cannot allow to feel guilty for growing or continuing to grow and progress in life.

So, this is the episode for this week. We have 320+ episodes and my mentor told me, “Your podcast is invaluable. You have so much knowledge and wisdom there.”. This podcast was my launching pad as it deed so much for me. I am grateful for what it has already done up to this point and I will just continue to do more.

I am very very grateful for that and I truly do know that the future has great things and if you continue to rock with me and support this movement, this brand… then that is cool and that is perfectly fine. I promise you that things are not going to change, we are not going to stop any of that. We will just continue to grow and elevate in whatever way there is.

This is not me signing off. This is just me telling everyone of the new direction and the things that has been going on behind the scenes. So, I am not going to hold you too much as I know you guys can do it. This is you guys watching and listening to me evolve.

When I started this podcast, I wasn’t a business consultant who took this companies from 2M to 8M. I was a young black dude who made little money on a  real estate and I had a vision. I built up this brand and from there, it was just time to continue to grow and evolve. I am 27 years old and this is just kind of what it is.

So,  this episode took a lot out of me. I feel like Lebron, when he was leaving Calves for the first time. He was torn and I was torn for awhile now, but it is time to announce this and it is me being real raw and vulnerable. I just hope every body continues to grow and listen to the past and the previous episodes.

If you have any question, shoot me a text message at 678 841 7928.

I appreciate you guys so much and I appreciate attention. All this episodes I have put out, I have put my heart and soul to it. So, I thank you all so much. You’ll be hearing from me.

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SWAV 323 : How to Explode a Non Profit’s Revenue W/ Kishshana Palmer


SWAV 323 : How to Explode a Non Profit’s Revenue W/ Kishshana Palmer



Kishshana Palmer

Social Matchmaker



  • I help non-profit organizations partner with entrepreneur who are looking to do social goods in the world and I also help entrepreneurs who want to do good. The first thing about really where to start, how to do that, where to plug in, the type of organizations they want to be working with.


  • And I would go to conferences and networking thing. Meet me and I was like “oh my gosh Kishshana! I love you! You’re so awesome! Can you come and talk to my team about…?” It’s amazing, right?. So, I started small, so they invite me to come talk to their team or their board and train. That is where I get the gucci money.


  • People come to me and say Kishshana I head about you and introduce the opportunity. So, I was in those type of searches. 11 of them couldn’t close a thing and I say “wait a minute for every month rent is paid, bills are paid, this is getting done, that is getting done, this speaking engagement is happening, that’s happening.” So, I said “Okay, there is something to this and I really need to focus” cause clearly going back to work in an organization is not my passion.


  • No, but I respect people that do that. If your work can be transactional in that way, I totally understand. My work is not! I’ve tried it and it doesn’t feel authentic to me cause its not how I raise money. Raising money is raising relations anyway. So, I just haven’t made the transition of doing that. But, what I can do in a 20mins cell call if you will, is decide if I am moving the proposal or not.


Connect with Kishshana Palmer

Social platform: @funddiva

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SWAV 322 : Stop letting Pride keep you Broke


SWAV 322 : Stop letting Pride keep you Broke



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Quote of the Day:

None of us really changes overtime. We only become more fully aware. – Anne Rice


  • You growing as a person, you work on yourself every single day. Over time you’ll have new break through and realization. People convince us that we change and that we are a different person. But, that is not the case. The case is we only become more fully aware as a person.
  • The biggest thing is just continue to be aware of who you are. If you want to start a business, know your strength so you can focus on it. Know your weakness so you can compensate for it. Know who you are: Self awareness, self realization up to the core.


Topic of the Day: Stop Letting Pride Keep You Broke


I dont want you to let pride mess up your progress. I don’t want your pride to mess up your becoming.


To combat that pride, you need a support system. Let me break this done for you.


Imagine you are a 23yr old male entrepreneur and compare with women, so we have 2 people a man and women. Both starting at the same time.


One started their business, didn’t hire a coach till on the 4th year of their journey. The whole 4 years of their journey, they were making like 40-50k a year in their business. Over time, they hired a coach and had a breakthrough. The first 4 years was the hardest time of their life, it was drastic. They have gone through it, lost money and they weren’t fully good to go. So, they were struggling. They didn’t want to get help because they think they are con-artist, liars etc.


The other entrepreneur started a business and got a coach after 6 months. They had little bit of learning the basic and now they hired a coach. Now. what happens? They say “you know what, just business exploded cause I hire a coach to help me out and it revolutionized the my business”After the 6 months they are earning 250K, before that they were only earning 20-30K.


Second entrepreneur didn’t have the pride. They were just “I just want to advance. I am willing to do what it takes to go further” So, think about everybody else who are being prideful and those that are not. Don’t let pride stop your progress.


Now, that brings me to a good point. The reason why they have pride is because they don’t have the support system. They don’t have people in their corner letting them know what, it is okay to be vulnerable, it is okay to be transparent, it is okay to be going through your six figure for the first 6 month.

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SWAV 321 : The three Permission slips W/ Shameca Tankerson


SWAV 321 : The three Permission slips W/ Shameca Tankerson


Special Guest

Shameca Tankerson



  • Okay. So, I have been an entrepreneur for a long time. 2006, when I started as an entrepreneur and it has been a crazy long journey of really figuring stuff out and being able to step up, knowing what I really need to do. There are a lot of things going on, a lot of pretending, a lot of facade, worrying about what other people are going to think and so, I stuck on something that kept me for a little while. I just kept struggling because I keep trying to look at other people’s expectation of me.


  • There was something inside of me that said. You are in it now! Enjoy it! I just surrendered the moment and that is how it changed. Everyday of my life, I am surrendering to the moment. Like, you only have one life. You do not know when that is going to be gone.


  • … to allow myself permission to have clients and to let people pay me, cause that is what is happening. I was certain I want client, but I would sabotage every step of the way cause there was something inside of me that was fearful and that would say “Oh, what if I get this great client and I mess it up?”


  • … being pushy or looking to proud, or pride for whatever the case maybe, who do you think you are. This is inside my head that kept the people around me who would have hired me, but because they don’t really know what I can do for them or I don’t have the confidence or the certainty, or I didn’t appear to them to have the confidence they would have hired someone else.


  • I just kind of posted this yesterday. I was writing “Don’t let struggle become your identity” right? Cause the more you identify with the struggle, the more you keep creating struggle.


  • It is not the step or the action, it is about who you are being inside of the action.


Connect with Shameca Tankerson

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SWAV 320 : Building a Team 101


SWAV 320 : Building a Team 101



Quote of the Day:

There is only one success. To be able to spend you life in your own way.


  • How many times have you don’t something that goes against your will or that makes you not happy? For 97-98%of this planet, knows this often. When I say often, I mean way way too often. I wanted to get to the optimizer and say “Man, the only success, is when you live your life the way you want to live it.”


Topic of the Day: Building a Team 101


When you are starting, there are thing you need to know.

  1. Have a study period – Physically not doing anything, just learning what you need to learn. You are setting up strategy for your business. Come up with the direction of your business.
  2. Map out what everything is going to take. What departments you are going to need persay.
    1. Find a personal assistant. Someone who handles your admin work, who knows your still and likes you. If you hire the right person, they will tell you what you need even before you know it.
    2. Graphics Designers – Someone who can do the visuals for your business.
    3. Web Designer – Create, update and manage your website.
    4. Copywriter – you cannot do it on your own and you cannot hire this cheap.
    5. Marketing/ Creative Director/ Pay Per click Advertising
  3. Build your team to help run your business

**You can hire them as a freelancer or as a retainer.


Be a leader and think for other people. It is exhausting because you need to know what they like and you need to know what they can deliver. But, you can get things done.

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SWAV 318 : $2,000 in 30 Days from Scratch


SWAV 318 : $2,000 in 30 Days from Scratch


Quote of the Day:

Don’t ask why someone keeps hurting you. Ask why you keep letting them.


This is about the way people approach you. A lot of times we get mad when somebody says ‘Hey, can I get a discount” or we get mad when we are on the phone with a client or something then they say “I didn’t know it will be that much”.


How do we stop that? How do we combat that? We figure out what we are doing wrong. Success is an inside job. Entrepreneur has an inside job. It is all about looking in the mirror and try becoming the best version of you/ yourself.

Topic for the day:

$2,000 in 30 Days from Scratch


The challenge…

  1. Start with yard sale or dollar tree
  2. Visit the store and get a feel of Amazon
  3. Dollar Tree – All they sell for a dollar
  4. Go on Ebay – See how much you can resell it.
  5. Check yard sale
  6. Check thrift store using ISBN then resell it.
  7. Resell it online on ebay or amazon


Make sure that you are looking up the comparables. How much  as this earning.

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SWAV 317 : High Ticket Ecommere W/ Earnest Epps


SWAV 317 : High Ticket Ecommere W/ Earnest Epps



Guest of the Day

Earnest Epps

Ecommerce Master



  • Turn into a big thing and it was crazy cause I have seen it happen so many times. I have a coaching client of mine. She told mine she wanted to pause her service. She won’t be pausingmy payment because she use to pay me that time. She was going to pause her service cause she was going on a cruise, like a vacation for two weeks. So I said…



  • .. They are no cash register in my car! I am freaked out, cause I am like “Boy, someone bought something. Is it real or is it fraud?” I checked everything and figured out. I was like “Oh it looks Legit” I hit the process payment and it went through. I was like “Now what do I do next?” So, let me contact the supplier and let them know you got an order.


  • Yeah! It was just a result of me just out here taking action and sharing what people likes. Some of the results that I was able to get. I am not like “Hey, look at me, I am the one” But more so, like “Hey, this is what I am doing. This is what I did to get this result or this is what I am doing to get this results.”


  • We are paying 10 grand a month to be in a mall. The reason why they can charge that was because the state of the people coming to that location is in the buying mode so they know what the return of investment could be if you maximize the space that you have. So, that is what the shopping section is on google. The same was as in the mall cause no one clicks on the shopping section in google unless they potentially have the interest of purchasing.


“Don’t let what you can’t do, stop you to do what you can do.”


Connect With Earnest Epps

Social Media Handle: @EarnestEpps

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SWAV 316 : The Future of business is here


SWAV 316 : The Future of business is here



Quote of the Day:

The only pain that matters at the end of the day is your pain


  • We can only do what we want to do. So many times we get caught thinking that we need to be like somebody else or do what somebody else does. All this different things come because we are so busy trying to get validated by other people, right? How often have you said “Hey man, I want to run this by you. I have this idea for you” Think about that! How many times have you done that. But at the end of the day, why does their opinion matter. If you have an idea , why didn’t you start it? Why are you worried about someone elses opinion. Why do you have to go on the internet just to see how others are doing it before you do it?


You are going to do it your way. But now, you are watering down yourself trying to fit in a mold or on a blueprint of someone else. Stop worrying about anybody else’s opinion. Stop checking for other people. Stop trying to do other things like other people. Do it like yourself. Focus and get clarity and your life will change forever.


Topic for the Day:

What does the future holds?


  1. AR – Augmented Reality
  • It is like you are inside of a world. Ex. Pokemon Go!


  1. VR – Virtual Reality
  • More on Gaming and it will tie up to business reality.


One day, you’re going to do contacts and be in London, Paris or be in New York. This is where it is going. A great example of this is, there is a rapper named Nipsey Hussle. He has a smart store, the first one. To go to his store, you have to download an app first and then when you need to buy a shirt. Some of this unrelease music starts playing. So, if you want to hear his unreleased music, then you have to visit his store. This builds greater connection as fans feel more connected to him. It is n extremely great marketing


This is where things are going. This is just the beginning! And with the new iPhone X. If you didn’t know, AR software is already installed in the new iPhone. So, you no longer need to download an app. It already comes with the new iPhone. This is how the technology is advancing and this is how the people are getting close to the things.


The world we leave in like the jetsons. If will make the world we leave in, like the 1990s and 1980s look like the flinstone.   So we are really going from flintstones to the jetsons. You do not want to be forced into something you know isn’t your style. So, don’t you just do it and move with the time instead of being forced.


This AR technology is scary and major. What’s happening? It is taking over. So, it’s best to adapt with the time than be forced by the time, when you do not want too.


I hope this is valuable for your and your business. IF you still have a brick and mortar business, maybe its is time to adopt.

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