SWAV 269 : Getting Gov’t, Federal & Corporate Contracts as a small business W/ Amy Reese

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SWAV 269 : Getting Gov’t, Federal & Corporate Contracts as a small business W/ Amy Reese



Amy Reese

ARC Business Solution

Help small business get access to federal and corporate contracts



  • I had been in corporate America. Worked as a successful corporate development executive and I have spearheaded with multi-million dollar strategic partnerships with a lot of the fortune 500 organizations in the South East.


  • In Corporations there are so many different departments, so many different levels that when you are talking about a company that for example one of my past client Delta Airlines or Coca Cola or UPS. You know there is a main phone number. If you are an average business or average small business owner and you’ve never reach out to try to do business with major corporation.. Where do you begin?


  • Take some time to get yourself a domain and a real email address of your company. If you are going to do business with me and try to win federal and corporate contacts, you got to change that anyway.


  • When you work for major corporations, especially since I was in corporate development when I was literally responsible for bottomline… If we didn’t succeed, the company doesn’t succeed.


  • Introduce them and share with them, you know, about ARC business solution and maybe we can form our own strategic partnership and what made the other. But, I also go in my client’s mind because I want to find out, you know, who do you have contract with your towing company because I have a client who is a tow truck operator just received their MBE certification. You know? So, it’s not just doing everything without a clear plan in mind and having that plan in mind is having the end result in mind.


  • Be fair with yourself! Understand how much it really takes for your to do a work. Shop around and just be fair to yourself and to your client. Believe in what you are doing!


  • Entrepreneur is freedom… Being able to have the freedom to do the business on your time is about excellence… You only have yourself to hold accountable/


Go out there follow your path, do what you need to do. At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is for you to have the freedom


Contact Amy Reese


Social Media @ARCBusinessSolution


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SWAV 268 : Choose Collaboration Over Competition

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SWAV 268 : Choose Collaboration Over Competition



Quote of the Day:

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come through – 2pak


As an entrepreneur, before you take that leap you have a dream. Most of the time if you don’t know what your dream is and you’re like, I don’t care I just want to make it happen, I just want to have the freedom. That’s the person who’s happy. I know its true because of my own journey. I took the jump, without really knowing what’s going to happen. I took the jump and I am willing to pay the price. And because of that I am happy!


Topic of the Day: Choose Collaboration Over Competition


When you are collaborating what happens is your brand and your reach continues to grow. When you bring people together, things get bigger. Example Khaled, he does a lot of collaboration and with the rate he is going now, it’s possible for him to go millionaire. He is the master of collaboration theory. If I bring everyone together, we are all going to eat.


You have to have an abundant mind. Even if you invite someone who is not thinking abundantly, since you have people who think abundant, what’s going to happen is your personality will attract more people in the crowd. There will always be something for everybody.


Don’t be afraid to collaborate with people from the same industry. Get out of the scarcity mindset and be on abundance. If you see that there’s enough for everyone. Do collab, cause that is the best organic way to grow.


Book Recommendation:

Unthink – Erik Wahl

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SWAV 267 : From SWAT Team to Serial Entrepreneur W/ Kevin Van Eekeren

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SWAV 267 : From SWAT Team to Serial Entrepreneur W/ Kevin Van Eekeren



Special Guest

Kevin Van Eekeren

Farmer, Investor and Podcaster



Me being a civilian in a SWAT Team and me seeing that they need training and they are not getting it. So, two years after I was a civilian in a SWAT Team I started my own company full chrome tactical. We are a charity and we train SWAT teams nationwide for 18 months.



And it has been a phenomenon road because I get to experience all this new kinds of businesses and I get to help all this amazing people and really help the economy as a whole. And that is just so exciting.


…so we can go to the bathroom with this totally untrained dog. So we went back to the car, leave the AC going and we were there probably 6-8hrs. I get home that night, flip on the TV and they show a video of me taking my dog out of the car and the report is saying that there is a hostage situation and that there are explosives. The source they have in the police department says that they brought it bomb dogs.



Absolutely! I think we as investors need to be honest with people because there are so much waste and the years of their life in a non-starter idea.


Connect with Kevin Van Eekeren
Podcast: State of Logic

Twitter/IG: @stateoflogic

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SWAV 266 : How to Create Your Own Voice

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SWAV 266 : How to Create Your Own Voice



Quote of the Day

“The new Khaled is enjoying life, man. Because you know what, nobody is going to congratulate you on what you really deserve.” – DJ Khaled


You have to realize that when you go in through life, you’re going to be step on, you’re going to be laugh at, people are not going to take you as serious and that’s just for starters. And since this is true, you have to put yourself in a position to where nobody’s opinion matters. You are not living for anybody else’s validation. If you are living for self validation, you are wrong and you have lost. Here is why:


Because when you are living for validation externally ei someone outside yourself, you are doing things to make them approve of you and/or those move. When you are living that way, you are not fulfilling and you are cheating yourself. At the end of the day, you are cheating yourself and the people who needs you in the future.Those who needs you to guide in the future and make a difference. Strangers will support you more that the people you expect to support you and be there for you.


Topic of Day:

How to Create Your Own Voice


A lot of people are trying to be authentic, but they are not. There’s a few things that you want to keep in mind when you are starting your business and your marketing plan. When you do marketing it is important for you to know your voice, which is your brand. It is something you want to be perceived off. Keep in mind of the following if you want to do marketing:

  1. What have you been through?
  2. What have you overcome?
  3. What are your values?
  4. What are your unique features?
  5. What is your long term goal


Book Recommendation:

Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable – Tim S. Grover

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SWAV 265 : On the Road to a $500M Company W/ Thom King

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SWAV 265 : On the Road to a $500M Company W/ Thom King



Special Guest:

Thom King

National Sweetener Company



I mean I had like a burning desire to address metabolic disease meaning obesity and diabetics and new 2 combined which I call diabetics. You know my main goal was to help come up with a system or an idea that would help or wipe out the metabolic disease.



.. and then just over time, in 2008 a very very large agro company petition the FDA to help allow astridia as a sweetener and they approved it because they had allot of poll in FDA. That’s when we started selling out product.



To bring value to consumer as eating sugar can give you diabetes and you can get some other health issues. And I am here to contribute and to help, that is the biggest factor for me!



At Least 3 months. Still. The process of formulating new consumer good. It is still a long process to see how the product taste and how to do the marketing. Label and serving sized. Its pretty drawn process.



The principle that I would give would be fill your mind with positive messages such as listening to a podcast like “Start With A Vision”. I think it is super helpful and get your mind into the right direction. Make you plan, work your plan, be persistent and never never give up! hassle and grind!


Connect with Thom King:

Twitter @steviva

Twitter @Thomking

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SWAV 264 : The Placebo Effect

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SWAV 264 : The Placebo Effect



Quote of the Day

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson


A lot of times we are on our own and it’s all on us. But, in times that we feel that we are on our own, we have to understand and learn that we need a team first and foremost. We need a team around us. There are so many entrepreneur operating by themselves, nobody was able to pick side on them. Since no one was able to pick side on them, its all on them, everything falls on them and then they find themselves in this hole, this place of pressure, stress and pain and agony. So you want to have a team, cause the strength of your team is a support for you.


I didn’t had team as soon as possible when I should not have. Without a team you get burned out because you are working so hard alone. Go get a team! That’s an important thing! This is from one of the best coaches in the industry of NBA.Get a team you can support and can support you.


Topic of the Day:

The Placebo Effect


What is Placebo?

  • Everything is all in your mind.
  • Put yourself through a test for you to realize what you really need cause most of the time, you don’t need what you things you do.
  • Life is about how strong your mind is. You can literally make yourself think and believe whatever you want to believe and even make it happen.
  • Ask yourself what you can trick yourself into believing cause your going to start taking that action to make that believe. So if you start tell yourself “I am a successful entrepreneur”  you’ll make things to support the fact of your being a successful entrepreneur.


One of the affirmation I say to myself every single day is “I attract high quality people, situation, circumstances and opportunities into my life easily and effortlessly daily” and ever since I started saying that high quality people have been coming my way and high quality people have been getting attracted to me. The more I say, it the more I started to believe it, the more I believe it, the more it’s happening to me.


Book recommendation

No More Mr Nice Guy – Robert A Glover

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SWAV 263 : How to make the first 6 Figures in your Business W/ Kelly Roach

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SWAV 263 : How to make the first 6 Figures in your Business W/ Kelly Roach



Special Guest:

Kelly Roach

Business Growth Strategies and Peak Performance Coach

(Sales, Marketing, Productivity and Leadership)

Podcast: Unstoppable Success Radio



If you have a vision for your life of getting that 10K or 100k dollar mark, you have to be really good on what it takes to get to a 100k. And then, you’ll have a springboard to get to the next level.



… getting an income and turning a profit to invest on the things you need to grow. But, a lot of people want to see that investment, they want to see their business grow and they say “when I see my business grow, then I will hire a business coach” etc. But, it doesn’t work that way. You have to make that investment in yourself and make that investment in your business so it can grow and then your business pays you back in multiple as a thank you for the investment that you did.



… Yes, so all my program.. Let’s say the simple zero to 100k system for entrepreneur and legacy leaders. On this program, we teach people to do a hybrid model business. That means doing a combination of both online and offline efforts, which is the fastest and the easiest way to grow because you leverage the power of the internet but your still have the human connection to break the internet and be full circle and get the people faster and greater ease. But, that being said you can utilize the internet..but you need to still need to engage. It will never replace getting in a room and building connection that can create a tipping point for your leverage.



I couldn’t agree more. I did that in my corporate life and I will not do that anymore because I want to live my life. I want to look back into my life and have memories and I want to have relationships and valuable experiences. I want to have been present in my whole life, and I think that is really the key. It’s a misconception with needing to be 24hrs in your business… Focus your time into profit giving things.


Book Recommendation from the Guest:

Answer question by John Ashcroft

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SWAV 262 : Information + Effort = Success

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SWAV 262 : Information + Effort = Success



Quote of the Day:  

No one wants to look back and say “I almost did it” – Big Shaun


The list of what you want to do will always be more, but you don’t want to be walking around with regrets or just almost did it.Thinks will always work itself out. When you have faith and you are pursuing something bigger than you, and you take conscious decision that you will do the things that makes you uncomfortable, you are going to be good. You are going to be great and you’ll be amazing. Be in that part of your life where you’ll say “I am glad I made that decision”.


Topic for Today:  Information + Effort = Success

When you are trying to reflect and analyze this and that. If you are struggling in live and you are not where you have to be, you lack one of two things: you lack information or you lack effort. That’s it! That is the only two thing that will stop you in achieving what you need to achieve.



  1. Read Books – read on books that will give you the information that you need
  2. Find a mentor – someone that can guide you to get you where you need to go
  3. Make mistake – mistakes give you the information that you need to stand up and continue



  1. Just do it and combat being lazy
  2. Find motivation or what you are self motivated to do.
  3. Depression does make you lack effort. Battle your depression by a better habit.
  4. Discipline, create a discipline


A millionaire understands that importance of information. They would pay $5k to gain the information that they need in a short period of time to make them $10K. But, a broke person won’t pay $30 on anything that can make them $150. Spend money to learn and put the effort to make it happen.


Book recommendation:

Quit Your Job in 19 Weeks or Less: The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Blueprint by Sean Terry

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SWAV 261 : Everything you need to know about Private Labeling W/ Melody Bockelman


SWAV 261 : Everything you need to know about Private Labeling W/ Melody Bockelman



Special Guest:

Melody Bockelman

Owner Private Label Insider

Beauty and Product Development Firm

Instagram: @beautybizexpert



Dropshipping your own brand or you can drop ship a wholesalers brand, the advantage of always owning your own brand even if you private label and have someone dropship it for you, Maybe, I should clarify the two terms for the people that listen. So, when you private label it become your own brand. You can have a dropshipper drop it for you, but it’s your own brand. So, that’s one option. The other option is dropshipping someone else’s brand. The dilemma of dropshipping other brand is when they get big enough or you get competition, then you get price competition and you can lose your business basically, over it. So, I am a really big fan of “If you’re going to make t-shirts to put your own label on it, private label it.” So, whatever method you are doing whether your own fulfillment or dropshipping it for you and selling it up on Amazon or local store. You are always protected under your own brand.



Well, you know the biggest issue is your people skills when you transition from into any business. Unfortunately, for me I love people and I say unfortunate because I always assume the best. So, I have a couple of shocking lessons on working with clients and so now we have more formal boundaries in place and systems. So that things are definitely more formalize and not a hand-shake deal, cause I get excited with the project and really love the person. It’s just that I keep going and not realizing, hey I need to build them, all the contracts are signed and those sorts of things. Transitioning to that is the hardest thing because I really didn’t think that, Oh this could go wrong or something like that.



I feel like every brand need to be building their mailing list. I really feel that, that is important. And so, I think even if you are on just instagram, you need to be building your mailing list. This is just to make sure that in the event that your platform goes away, you can still be consistent with your business. And, what eventually happen is that people will start on a direct consumers on instagram or social media, that kind of thing and then they will add wholesale eventually.



That’s right! Slow down! I think slowing down is important. Slow down, take a step back. Put your system in, do your research as it makes life easier.

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SWAV 260 : Retirement is a Scam

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SWAV 260 : Retirement is a Scam



Quote of the Day:

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere. – Carl Sagan


How powerful is your imagination? Vision is imagination. You need a vision or imagination that will take you to places. Think about when you are young, you have imaginations. Think of kids, they have vivid imagination and crazy ideas of what they can become. Who can say they cannot accomplish what they are imagining. So, as an adult and as an entrepreneur, you should continue to imagine because that will be your ticket to get somewhere. Without it, you are not going anywhere.


Topic of the Day:  Retirement is a Scam


I do not think and believe that people should be living for this. If you have 1M in your account to retire (which most people don’t), and they say you live 20-30% of that in an average. So, it means you have to work your whole life just to live on a poverty level. And you can get penalized if you take more than you have allotted to or what ever.


This is ridiculous, I worked hard for that money and now I can’t use it on my free will or else the government who regulates this will penalize me and take money from my savings. So, for me this is blasphemy. Let’s say 200K divided by 5 and you need to live on 30-20%. That’s less than $5K a month and you are only living on pension. How ridiculous does that sound? This is the dream that they have painted for us.


They really want to believe is a holy grail. If you love what you do, you won’t want to retire and if you are working you do not have to live off a designated amount. Imagine inflation happening, every year the value of dollar drops. So, 175k in 2000 won’t be 175k dollars in 2017.


People think that just because they have 41K they are doing something. There is a book out there that talks about 41K being a scam. Imagine working for 40 years, whatever you have won’t be the same by the time you retire.


Let’s imagine the flip side. What if you have a rental property. How much will be coming in every month and when you retire. Instead of focusing on retirement, focus on residual income or possible cash flow. I would rather have a residual income over a period of my life than focus on retirement.


Retirement is BS, stop living for that.


Book recommendation:

The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

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