SWAV 332: How to Stop Sleeping on your GIFTS W Kimberly Marie Clements

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SWAV 332: How to Stop Sleeping on your GIFTS W Kimberly Marie Clements


Kimberly Marie Clement

Web/Graphics Designer

Visual Merchandise Expert



Kimberly: Let me start from the begining on why I became an entrepreneur. It was an accident, it was not on purpose. At my last job from the one where I got laid off, I was ready to get laid off. I started my business because I needed to build my portfolio because when I graduated from college in the middle of the recession, it was hard for me to find a job. I am a web designer and graphic designer. At that time people weren’t really hiring and I don’t have any experience, so what I did was I started freelancing to get my own client and build my portfolio. Since I cannot get a job, I said I’ll just create my own job.



Kimberly: So I was excited, me and my husband. When I find out that I was getting laid off, we went out and we toss out champagne. I am like, let’s order some bottle of champagne and let’s toss this cause I have to get myself it that mindset. If I didn’t, then I will be looking for another job. I was excited, but I was also still nervous.



Kimberly: When you are making 6-figures obviously you are targeting people who have more money. So, I am talking about those who are growing their business 6 figures or more. So, obviously you need to completely have a different brand aesthetics for somebody who is starting out.



Kimberly: That is so simple. The most rewarding thing for me is that I am able to spend time with my family. Like before, I was so busy during the week. I live in LA, so driving home with traffic is like 2-hrs. So, if my mother-in-law calls me and say “Hey, do you want to go hang out today” I am able to spend time with her. I know my anxiety is on an all time low. Just being able to just enjoy my life, that is the most rewarding.



Kimberly: Learn everything you can about marketing, everything about marketing cause that is the most important thing. Today, when they start a business pretty much they are an expert on what they do, but if they do not know anything about marketing they need to learn marketing and invest in a coach…



FB: HNIK studio

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SWAV 331 How to give yourself NO EXCUSE W Auguste Crenshaw

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SWAV 331 How to give yourself NO EXCUSE W Auguste Crenshaw

KPI  or Key Performance Indicator allows you to track progress and performance. You need to have the KPI to succeed in Life.

Special Guest:

Auguste Crenshaw


Women Empowerment Coach


Auguste: Man, I am doing fabulous and excited. I have absolutely, everytime I see an opportunity to fire up an entrepreneur’s feet.


Auguste: … and when I get to do Facebook post. Who likes my page or any statistical data or whatever it is that I am doing, I do not want you messing up with the algorithm. Some people is so much more about running the business than just having a talent.


Auguste: You are going to figure out how you are going to pay this bills. So now, you want to go beast mode and running people in a storm. You do not know what you are doing on facebook and you want to grind and you want to work so the people have an idea what’s going on in your life. For most people, that is how you run business and it cannot be like that. When they say entrepreneurship it is not meant for everybody. So, if you’re going to go through this phrase of breaking through



Auguste: You are speaking to that group when you are around me or when you are around someone else. Get down to that core where you were created. Understand how your whole path and whole life journey has been of great value. Something that you can train to transfer to someone else.



Auguste: I have too especially as a women. I do not want to crash down on time, but I wanted to make sure that I get this out there and you can cut me off if I go too far. I think this is relevant because entrepreneurship requires a grind, I believe that I have to make sure that I can get pass that. If you can get pass all of these, then I will probability is much higher than we can work together.


Facebook: Auguste Crenshaw

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SWAV 330 I’m Launching a Luxury Sunglasses Company & Here is Why

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SWAV 330 I’m Launching a Luxury Sunglasses Company & Here is Why



This episode will not be long but will be impactful.

I just want to say. I hope you know what you want in your life and not chasing the wrong thing. I was thinking, I know about a month or one and half month ago, I did an episode and it was about how I am scaling down from 4 episodes a week to just 1 episode a week. How I’ve been feeling and stuff like that.

So, I really want to shed more light on that and actually let you know on what is going on. So, I was really think so much.A lot of things I am thinking about and I was able to do some reflection. I have come in contact with a lot of things. A few of this things are as follows:

One, I realize that I have matured and grown, I was hustling backwards. We are all fed with this lie actually. We are giving a blueprint and this people telling us to do XYZ. This people sharing this information are actually not doing that and are paying them lower.

So, I just reflected on so much and I realized that I was offering service to people and yeah it was cool, money was being made. But, I feel like online entrepreneurship is becoming crowded and so taboo. It is something that people think they can do because they want to be cool. For me, I was an entrepreneur before I was online. I have always wanted freedom and be able to live my life the way I wanted it. I did not become an entrepreneur because someone showed me their face. For me, It just runs so deep in my heart and my blood. This is a part of me, you know.  So, for a lot of people I was just  starting to see a lot of different things. I honestly didn’t want to be part of it. I feeling used, it was always like people wanted it for me. The relationship wasn’t always that beneficial. It was getting me exhausted. I just had to take sometime for myself. People say it’s self care. My theme for 2018 is psychology and taking care of yourself if need be. I cannot inspire anybody if I am not all the way where I am supposed to be. I was rejuvenating. This Are the things that I was thinking about.

I realized I do not want to sell my information and knowledge. That may sound weird and crazy, but I do not want to sell it. I do not want to put a price on the information that I have. But, that is not to say that I am going to sit here and just pour it on somebody for free. So, I was like… How can I merge everything and still be able to get my point across without being exhausted and things like such. So, I did I a lot of introspect. I know a lot of people online who feels this way. Online entrepreneurship is not the only way to be entrepreneur. THere are a whole lot of world outside social media and business where people are still making million dollars.

This is what leaves me to where I am right now and the decision that I made. So, I decided that I will launch a Luxury Sunglass company and I will be documenting the whole process. From the idea it came.which was last year. But, I didn’t act on it until the end of November. So, from the end of November till now, I have been documenting about what has already happened and the things I have learned.

Also, I’ll be documenting from now until the future. I will be in China in March and I will be documenting that. Anything that you can think of with starting an e-commerce business, I will be documenting that. I am not playing around. There will be no fee. I will not be charging anything. I will be making a video and connecting it to a blog post. So, on my website, I will be having a blog post and the video to go with it. If you want to follow this journey called “The Visionaries Voyage” that is what I am calling this journey or voyage, you can go to so you can receive update everytime a new article is published. So, this is what is going on right now.

So, I am going to start a sunglass company and help people with their vision. These glasses will be doup! I will be documenting the behind the scenes of the marketing and everything. I will be buying GoPro and it will be Dope! I am extremely excited with this and it is very dear to my heart. I know this will be life changing and I am in no rush.


So, every article will be either once or twice a week. But, you will know when there is a new article if you sign up for the update. Again visit  for you to get notified when a new article is out. I will be documenting everything from finding a manufacturer to everything!

A lot of people think that they have to be an online service provider, that they have to be an online entrepreneur. You don’t! If you feel being drained and exhausted, just get out of social media. You do not have to be like that. Here are a few tips that I did. I deleted my facebook and messenger app. I also have this google extension on my Chrome, which is called FEEDKILL. It stops me from seeing my FB feeds at all. So, I do not know anything online and it makes me feel so good cause now my mind, soul and spirit is clear. I no longer accidentally thinking or seeing someone else’s life. No one is coming to me, to myself and my mind. Because of that, I am better and productive. It makes me feel confident with where I am going in this life.


So, I will be launching this Luxury Sunglasses. Again visit  for you to get notified when a new article is out.

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SWAV 329 : Being a BOSS at PR, Raising Capital, Increasing Influence & Income W/ Diana Mae Fernandez


SWAV 329 : Being a BOSS at PR, Raising Capital, Increasing Influence & Income W/ Diana Mae Fernandez



Special Guest

Diana Mae Fernandez



  • In the past year, I have been to Germany, Poland, Amsterdam, Paris, London and Spain. Every single place I have been in is my favorite place at that moment cause I just want to live in that moment.


  • .. wanting to make such a huge difference that you have to roll with that. Ironically, it is me sitting on a couch potato doing nothing about it and seeing all these other people living there absolute biggest dreams. And I was just kind of sitting there, like ‘Okay, it is my time! I am doing being a benchwarmer’


  • I am tired working for the men and I want to be able to work for myself. So, when I left my firm. What ends up happening is that, they were like ‘Look, we want you to stay but we understand that you want to branch out and do your thing’ So, they actually gave me a check for $24,000 just to say “ Thank you for what you’ve done for us and really appreciate it”. Now, I took that $24k and I invested every single penny in stocks. I left nothing to myself.


  • My second year at the firm, they have invested in me with business and life coaches, so that I could just get better at my craft. So, they hired a team for me to just get better and I, to this day, nearly a decade ago this is the things that I still actively apply.


  • You know what’s funny! I love it, but I noticed that it makes me be outside and I just want to like sleep. But, I just wanted to be the focus. So this morning, when I woke up it was like raining in Malta. Yes! It’s the best. I was so pumped that it’s raining so then I can just stay at home and focus on making money and just start selling and connecting.

Diana Mae Fernandez

Facebook: Diana Mae Fernandez

Snapchat: @DalsMastermind

Company: Self-made success

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SWAV 328 : Digital Growth Hacks W/ Frank Salas


SWAV 328 : Digital Growth Hacks W/ Frank Salas


Special Guest Frank Salas

Fort Worth, Texas

International Man of Ledger



  • My brand is “The Talented Mr Salas and one of my most influential movies growing up was ‘A Talented Mr. Ripley.” As you know they like travel the world  and they got to America really quickly. With me, growing up in America I was thinking, isn’t it that America is the best country in the world.


  • So, first and foremost. I am going to tell you that I am going to tell you, I already know how it goes and how most/ 99.9% of people are going to respond, just as a human being they will give you solution. So, first thing you gotta do is you have got to get here. You got to say “what’s up” to us.


  • Bottomline, cut through all the positivity and the motivation BS Straight up talking dollar and cents to your bank account. Would you rather look at your kids20 years from now and say I was too weak minded? I was too scared to go down this route, to join this millionaires?


  • I want to share a story about ROI. A lot of people are like “oh free hotel’, ‘oh free introduction’. … A lot of people are asking how does social media make money. So, here is the story. I use to sell real estate in Austin, Texas. One of my strategies to generate leads…


Connect with Frank Salas

Facebook: Talented Mr Salas

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SWAV 327 : From broke to a $1.8M in 7 Days W/ Suresh May

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SWAV 327 : From broke to a $1.8M in 7 Days W/ Suresh May



Special Guest:

Suresh May

Founder Wealth Weekly Media

3-times Best Selling Author



  • 4 books.. 3 best seller. One was authored by myself and the other 3 was co-authored by other entrepreneurs. So, the first book, I actually wrote it back in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected. That is when I stumbled into publishing.


  • I got to tell people this. You have got to get a mentor. You have got to get somebody to show you a way. I do not know about us in our community and just the mindset of “ you gotta figure it out on your own. It is the worst way to go.



  • You go through that and you see, it is not as bad as you think it is. It also helps me not be fearful of things because I have been there. So, supposed like man I do not want to start this business. What if I fail. I mean, I know exactly what failure look like and I am not scared of that.



  • They fail most of the time because they are targeting the bottom of the market and you hear people say things that logically makes sense, but for the business perspective it doesn’t make sense at all.


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SWAV 326 : Getting your SEO game UP W/ Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

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SWAV 326 : Getting your SEO game UP W/ Akilah Thompkins-Robinson


SWAV 326 : Getting your SEO game UP W/ Akilah Thompkins-Robinson


Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

SEO Expert



  • My name is Akilah Thompkins – Robinson, I run Online Boutique Source and the goal of the online boutique source is to help women who would like to start with online retailing and to teach them about traffic, marketing and of course running their boutique. So, its not only focusing on the fashion and getting the products. I really talk about the marketing, building client, emailing different things, seo; which is one of my specialties, different things to not just have a shop online…


  • I am a lazy blogger. I love passive things. You know, I work when I want to work, but I like passive things if I can. So, Pintrest is my next biggest one like 20%. The thing I like about pinterest is that it uses a lot of SEO strategies that I use for Google. So, I don’t really have to learn something like 2-3 different things. I can use what I already know and we would use it for Pinterest


  • Pictures and videos and lives. Take all of those stuff and put it on your site. That’s the type of thing that google or any search engine is going to look for. That is what they are going to see. So, stop saying “I don’t need to blog” or “ I don’t want to blog” It is work, yeah but, you are already writing stuff anyway.


“Create Content!”


Connect with Akilah Thompkins – Robinson


Facebook: Akilah Thompkins – Robinson

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SWAV 325 : Attracting your IDEAL Client Without spending on Ads W/ Juliette Stapleton


SWAV 325 : Attracting your IDEAL Client Without spending on Ads W/ Juliette Stapleton


Special Guest:

Juliette Stapleton



  • Thank you so much for inviting me! I am delighted to be here and share a little bit of this energy that we have. So, yes! I am doing well! … I am talking to you actually from South East of Ireland. I am not from Ireland myself. Even farther, I am from Estonia, town in Estonia, which is a very land/city. I have been here for 18 years.


  • That is so true! And they will relate to you! I have so many situation. I am very honest when working with people. I wouldn’t put people just for their money! So, somebody comes to me. They come from a good background, so I am thinking… Maybe, I am not the right fit for them and I would say “Hey, look there is another organic marketer that I know is more sort of in you industry. Check them out!” Cause I do not need to do it just for the money.


  • Starting my business, it was scary that I may failed cause we literally had zero income at that point/time in our lives. Anyway, it was the best decision that I have ever made. And, I am very very quick in creating enough grinds from where I live too. Some of this people I still work with because they still have the digital marketing agency.


  • For the next 12 months, my goal is to completely move all my business to online and close down my digital marketing agency and just do the Fearless Client Attraction online and hopefully. By the end of the 12 months business, I will be talking with you from somewhere in Spain.


Connect with Juliette Stapleton

Facebook: Julitter Stapleton Organic Marketing Strategies

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SWAV 324: New Announcement


SWAV 324: New Announcement

Isiah Fowler


I have been podcasting for 2 years now and there’s people who don’t know the story, my story. I was married and I got divorced. Right before I got divorced, I had started this podcast. When I started this podcast, it was so therapeutic for me. It was helping me cope. It was helping me do so many thing, I was making connection and was building my brand. I was building so many things and I was making money while helping people. It was cool! I went on tour, got featured on Huffington Post, I was with my first entrepreneurial mix tape and so much.

We are at 320 episodes and a little more right now. 324 episodes, actually. So much  has happened! Almost 100K downloads! Just very good stuff! I have just been continuing to learn and grow. I just started offering this service to other people.

As a service and as a business, we’ve made money. And, I have just been in a very reflective state with this being end of the year and all. It’s very crazy because, we are all in this world for whatever reason we are in it for. Figuring it out and growing, stuff like that.

So for me, I have just been reflecting a lot and I have been committed to 4 days a week for the podcast for so long and I am not going to say I am burnt out, but what I will say is that I think we’ve made an executive decision to scale back to one episode a week as of now. It is the end of the year and I truly think that there is being a growth that is being held.

I do not know exactly what it is, how to put my hand on it or put my finger on it. But, one thing that I will says is, there is something big about to happen. Because of that, I wanted to make sure that I am truly prepared and ready for it. This is, in my opinion the best podcast on the planet. But, I think it’s time to grow and spread this wings.

This is like a PSA (Public Service Announcement) to let everybody know that.. “ Hey, something is about to happen.” I do not know what it is, I can’t put a finger on it. But, I wanted to let you guys know, the faithful listeners that it is time to grow. It is time to grow right now! It’s holiday season right now is we will do the podcast once a week, every monday and as time goes on we are going to figure it out.

We will see where things get us too.  I may do branding or exclusively be a marketer. The thing about me is that I am so creative and free spirit. I kind of do were the wind takes me in an organized manner. For me, I think that is what it is going to be and I cannot allow to feel guilty for growing or continuing to grow and progress in life.

So, this is the episode for this week. We have 320+ episodes and my mentor told me, “Your podcast is invaluable. You have so much knowledge and wisdom there.”. This podcast was my launching pad as it deed so much for me. I am grateful for what it has already done up to this point and I will just continue to do more.

I am very very grateful for that and I truly do know that the future has great things and if you continue to rock with me and support this movement, this brand… then that is cool and that is perfectly fine. I promise you that things are not going to change, we are not going to stop any of that. We will just continue to grow and elevate in whatever way there is.

This is not me signing off. This is just me telling everyone of the new direction and the things that has been going on behind the scenes. So, I am not going to hold you too much as I know you guys can do it. This is you guys watching and listening to me evolve.

When I started this podcast, I wasn’t a business consultant who took this companies from 2M to 8M. I was a young black dude who made little money on a  real estate and I had a vision. I built up this brand and from there, it was just time to continue to grow and evolve. I am 27 years old and this is just kind of what it is.

So,  this episode took a lot out of me. I feel like Lebron, when he was leaving Calves for the first time. He was torn and I was torn for awhile now, but it is time to announce this and it is me being real raw and vulnerable. I just hope every body continues to grow and listen to the past and the previous episodes.

If you have any question, shoot me a text message at 678 841 7928.

I appreciate you guys so much and I appreciate attention. All this episodes I have put out, I have put my heart and soul to it. So, I thank you all so much. You’ll be hearing from me.

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SWAV 323 : How to Explode a Non Profit’s Revenue W/ Kishshana Palmer


SWAV 323 : How to Explode a Non Profit’s Revenue W/ Kishshana Palmer



Kishshana Palmer

Social Matchmaker



  • I help non-profit organizations partner with entrepreneur who are looking to do social goods in the world and I also help entrepreneurs who want to do good. The first thing about really where to start, how to do that, where to plug in, the type of organizations they want to be working with.


  • And I would go to conferences and networking thing. Meet me and I was like “oh my gosh Kishshana! I love you! You’re so awesome! Can you come and talk to my team about…?” It’s amazing, right?. So, I started small, so they invite me to come talk to their team or their board and train. That is where I get the gucci money.


  • People come to me and say Kishshana I head about you and introduce the opportunity. So, I was in those type of searches. 11 of them couldn’t close a thing and I say “wait a minute for every month rent is paid, bills are paid, this is getting done, that is getting done, this speaking engagement is happening, that’s happening.” So, I said “Okay, there is something to this and I really need to focus” cause clearly going back to work in an organization is not my passion.


  • No, but I respect people that do that. If your work can be transactional in that way, I totally understand. My work is not! I’ve tried it and it doesn’t feel authentic to me cause its not how I raise money. Raising money is raising relations anyway. So, I just haven’t made the transition of doing that. But, what I can do in a 20mins cell call if you will, is decide if I am moving the proposal or not.


Connect with Kishshana Palmer

Social platform: @funddiva

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