SWAV 113 : A Conversation with a Philanthropist W/ Mayer Dahan


SWAV 113 : A Conversation with a Philanthropist W/ Mayer Dahan



Mayer Dahan is an extremely young business professional with a very unique outlook on the world, and how things should be done. He comes from humble beginnings, and takes pride in his philanthropy more than he does his real estate developing. The money he makes from real estate, he give a lot of it back in the community.



Mayer is the CEO of Dahan Properties, managing partner of Prime Five Homes, and dedicated founder of the charity The Dream Builders Project. Mayer has played an integral role in the modernizing of Los Angeles development by building luxurious, eco-friendly, sustainable houses.


As a Los Angeles native, Mayer has developed a deep appreciation for his city, an appreciation, which is reflected in his architecture and design. Every building strategy is implemented with the objective of benefitting the community and the world at large. His ultra-modern homes are eco-friendle, sustainable, and energy-efficient. His passion for community is displayed not only through his development projects, but also through his involvement with his non-profit organizations. He has contributed to various influential charities: Habitat for Humanity, K.I.D.S., Team Foc, Lupus LA, Restore NYC, The Polaris Project, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Los Angeles Revitalization Corp., and The Lazarex Cancer Foundation.



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  1. Just spectacular!..what a joy it must be to not only live a life of abudents but to then in return be able to give back! now that’s what make the world go roundl those are the kinds of things that gives people hope and beliefs especially now when we are living in times where the bad seems to out way the good and its so much evil being done..hats off to you gentlemen I know that’s not what u guys do it for but a simple thank you is all I can say I am inspired!

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