SWAV 129 : How to create true innovation in ANY INDUSTRY W/ Mike Stemple


SWAV 129 : How to create true innovation in ANY INDUSTRY W/ Mike Stemple



Mike Stemple is an Army Combat Vet and molded his future after a vicious Car Accident. His first company was funded in 2000 and he has started plenty of companies ever since. Some companies failed, and others succeeded/ The successes were worth the failures.


Mike talked about ideas and being a kid and an adult. As kids we have so many ideas and our imagination was vivid, but when we became adults things had just changed and adults no longer have that type of imagination. Too much pride and ego is in the way.


After his Car accident he had closed head trauma, memory scrambled, but he also lost concept of fear and lost imagination. This was a pivotal point in his life indefinitely.


Mike also talked about the importance of asking the right questions. He said if you become wired for solutions you will ask the right questions, and then started to talk about innovation.


If you want to truly be innovative in your space then you must stay on that bleeding edge, and watch it for innovation. Pay attention to how the industry moves, the industry pain points, and even pay attention to other industries and see if you can adopt something from one industry to yours.


Don’t buy into anyone’s theories too much and just do your thing. Do what YOU LOVE, and what you feel is best for your life because that’s the only way to truly win in life and business.


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