SWAV 133 : Leaving her job at 21 and Never looking back W/ Madelaine Cohen



Madelaine is the Owner of Chirofamily in Sydney Australia.


She says she retired at age 21 because that’s when she decided to quit her job and follow her heart. Ever since she’s followed her heart she hasn’t worked a day in her life since because she’s been genuinely happy.


When she left her job she did it by telling her manager she was done and was never going to come back. Her manager told her there would be a spot waiting for her if she ever failed, but she ensured that didn’t happen.


One of her biggest things is she says to “Look for people to work with with great skills. That is how she was able to do and accomplish so much because she found out who was good for what it was she needed and just connected those dots.


Her Major Key is she created systems and Reverse Engineered EVERYTHING. Literally everything.


What reverse engineer means is to start with the end in mind for everything in life you are doing. If you start with the end in mind then you will figure out what you need to do all the way down to the small increments all the way down to the smallest increment.

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