SWAV 220 : All you need to do is change your perspective

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SWAV 220 : All you need to do is change your perspective



Quote of the Day


When people make a mistake and they don’t learn from it & keep going it’s a decision.


We all make mistakes, but it’s important for us to learn from those mistakes. It is cool to make a mistake and adjust. But one should never make a mistake and NOT learn from that said mistake. Your decision to not learn and adjust from the mistake is the foundation of your future and success.


Topic of the Day


All you need to do is change your perspective


$30k Salary                                        $30k per Year

(40hrs a week)                                 (One Client. $2500/ mo)


-Your Solution is inside of your problems

-Use resources

-Quit being stuck allowing yourself to be stuck

-Put yourself in a position to succeed



One client can make you a full annual income, while some people work for that same amount per year by slaving 120+ hours per month. Every single month you are slaving and making the same amount that some people make by working 2 hours per week. Success and entrepreneurship is nothing more than a mindset.


Book Recommendation


Rework by David Heinemeir Hansson & Jason Fried

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