SWAV 221 : You have to be willing to lose it all W/ Jason Wright

SWAV 221 : You have to be willing to lose it all W/ Jason Wright



Jason Wright is the Host of the Intentionally Inspirational Podcast and Owner of Grey Fox Business Ventures, which is an Umbrella company to two other companies. The first company is a Lu la Roe business, and the other is selling birthing bed sheets.


His Entrepreneurial Journey started off when he was fishing. He started selling fishing supplies, which sparked his entrepreneurial endeavors for the future.


He has a “Good Paying job” and ended up taking some money out of his 401k to fund a business move and the deal went all wrong. He was facing losing his wife as well, but he said something very deep.


He was so committed to entrepreneurship that he told his wife “I love you, but I am willing to lose you to build this up and pursue my dreams.”


Most people would say that this is wrong and it shouldn’t be like that but if you want to build anything big in life you must be willing to lose EVERYTHING in order to gain EVERYTHING. It’s natural law


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