SWAV 232: The Difference Between 100 and 80 is 50



Quote for Today:

If you’re going to work for something hard, you should work hard for something that you want.


If you’re working hard for a job for 20-30 years and you do not want that, you are doing it in vain. Why would you want to work hard for 20 years and in something that you do not even want. You’ll feel like you are being forced to do it or do that. This is not what you want, guys. The goal is to be striving for what you want. The goal is to be feeling like that the work you are putting in, you’ll be able to look back and that work is going to be worth it. You have to work towards what you want, forget that job. If you need that job, be there only for a certain amount of time, but don’t allow that to be permanent or to be permanent in your life or lifestyle because this jobs are not loyal, this jobs will let you off and this jobs doesn’t give you equity. That’s the biggest thing! If you do not have equity in the company, think about it. You give your life to a company, 30 years and when you’re done, you get no equity in that company. All you get is a retirement check, if you’re lucky, because now a days retirement is going away. So, what are you really going to show for? So, remember. If you’re going to work 12 hours a day, 16 hours a day, you might as well work for something that you want. So, in this life, go get what you want and I promise you, internally you’ll be a lot happier. Internally, you’ll be more fulfilled.


Topic of the day

The difference between 100 and 80 is only 5.


If you are already at the 80%, you only have another set to go. If you feel tired then just do a few more, so you can finish and reach your goal sooner.

–       It’s the little things that makes a different

–       Compounding Interest

–       Use your time more efficiently

–       Be long term minded

–       Think big and do big

Put a little bit more everyday and challenge your mind.

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