SWAV 249 : The blueprint & Ins & Outs of becoming a Speaker W/ Corey Poirier

SWAV 249 : The blueprint & Ins & Outs of becoming a Speaker W/ Corey Poirier



Guest: Corey Poirier

Speaker (4hr free video training)



Corey: … running the business first and people reaching out to me. But, how I got full circle in 2002 when I said, that’s when I officially started. How I got to speaking was, I first started as a stand-up comedian. So, I had a stage play in a festival and one of the actor said “Hey, do you want to try a stand up comedy workshop?” and I said “That’s Terrifying! Let’s do it!” and I went on the workshop for 2 weeks and we didn’t learn anything.



Corey: There is never a good reason to speak for free, but there are plenty of reason to speak for no fee. I think it’s a psychological shift in a way you are thinking. Cause you know, people thinks speaking for free.. Every time they hear the word free, it lowers the value at some degree.



Corey: In the music world, you have two options when you are starting up. There are multiple options, but you’ll have only two main option. You can play in a coffee shop and you can pay less money to get to play your own music. You get to play 9 out of your 10 songs.



Corey: .. there are two other ones. So basically, his goal is to groom experts on how to become the thought leaders and the space that everyone else looks up to. So, he really has a nice niche story because he can go to corporate or speak at a social media conference. But, on top of that he can also build a massive list of followers who can learn from him to do exactly what he is doing.

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