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SWAV 251 : Brokering 7 figure Websites & Online Businesses W/ Joe Valley

SWAV 251 : Brokering 7 figure Websites & Online Businesses W/ Joe Valley



Guest: Joe Valley

Online Business Brokering



Joe: I actually launch a business in 1997. That was in the direction of response industry, meaning anything with an 800 number on it. That’s what I did, but I did it on a radio and not on television. I launch an initial product in an immediate buying agency, but then I launch my first product in 1998. Run to it in cycle, which is a cycle on direct response on radio the same time on the television. That is why tv commercial doesn’t run forever, right?



Joe: I have sold businesses that uses excel only, it’s tougher to sell and to instill confidence in buyers that much. But, I’ve done it. While others worth millions, there are times when we have to recreate the profit and loss statements. The ideal situation if you are thinking long term 12-24month exit is to get everything in quickbooks. It’s the best way to do it.



Joe: … you have to have that if you come to quite life, so that you can help others through your own process, successes and failure. But, the key thing for us over the years is to do a good quality job with listings, do a great job with evaluations and be really clear that evaluation calls are evaluation / planning calls.


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