SWAV 252 : The Kevin Durant Mindset



Quote of the day:

In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risk. – Mark Zackerburg


If you want to fail, do not take risk. I took the risk when I quit military, but I am guaranteed to fail if I don’t that risk. If you are not doing new things, you won’t get new results. Invest in yourself, take the risk and be successful.


Topic of the Day:

Kevin Durant Mindset


When Kevin Durant was in High school, he set up a goal. He said he wanted to start in Varsity, he did it. He wanted to get a scoring title, he did it. Then, he said I have a goal. I wanted to play for major league division in college, boom! He did it! This man is playing at Texas, UT the Long Horns. When he was playing, him and DJ Augustine, they used to be my favorite team. I just like him,I just like his game play.I like how he is underrated and he was really slim. But, he was a beast! So, when he was in college, I used to love the Long Horns.


This man was in the league for 10 years, but when he get with the right people… He won! When he got with the right people. He won the championship. It took him 1 year to win with the right people. Let me ask you, how many times have you been with the wrong people and continue to lose. How long have you been losing? I am not calling you a loser, but there’s a lot of people who are in the losing situation for 5-10-15 years. But, they have to wake up and realize it’s about who you are hanging around. This man started hanging around with winners and he became a winner.


Who are you with? Are they winner or losers? If you are with the loser, change and be with the winners to be a winner. I challenge everybody listening right now to be a winner. Go get around winners.


Book Recommendation:

A 6 Figure Freelancing – Kelly James Inger

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