SWAV 257 : Growing your business by becoming more strategic W/ Karan Rhodes

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SWAV 257 : Growing your business by becoming more strategic W/ Karan Rhodes



Guest: Karan Rhodes

Corporate Leadership



Most company have some leadership program, building on the next generation leaders.What a lot of organization are focusing on now are focusing on top ranks in their industry individuals. Really doubling down and making sure that they are providing the development experiences for them, so they can accelerate their readiness for roles that they are targeted for.



Who needed help in creating and expanding their leadership programs. Particularly when they want to focus on high potential leadership. I have something ready to go for development experiences and that is still about 60% of my work today.



So, I had to start by establishing a solid website that explains the service that my company provides. I also wrote numerous white papers and quick read articles to help explain the possibilities of partnering with a consultant like myself.



They might, like what you said. But, if it’s more ambiguous like services, professional or ticket sales. There are more approval layers that you are going to have to go through for them to sign a contract with you and buy.



Go to their website and see if they have a registration process. Usually, you can self identify yourself as a vendor who’s interested in working with that company. A lot of company you can sign up for free. People go to this to look for vendors. They do not have time to search all over the internet. They want to see “ Okay who’s in our system?” what are the shortlist they can put and reach out too.


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