SWAV 259 : Six Figures with Custom Suits W/ Kyris Brown

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SWAV 259 : Six Figures in with Custom Suits W/ Kyris Brown



Guest: Kyris Brown

Tailoring CEO

Instagram: KyrisKustoms



I kind of started it and went on miles. Growing up as a kid, I did a lot of customization and I did a lot of stone wax, jean fix and I just wanted to come to one of the places in Mississipi , my hometown and I went to junior college first and I double major in associate within consumer science and design…



I am looking for some fabric and some other. He gave me the contact. Keep in mind that we had a few drinks of thinking giving me a cold shoulder, but about a week later he reach out to me and he emailed me asking me if I am still interested. I told him “Yep!”



Well, men! Since I was 15 years old my life goal and my life work was basically to improve my family’s legacy and you know spiritually, mentally, healthwise and financially. So, if I am ask my definition of success.. Basically its “FREEDOM”. What I mean by freedom, what I am talking about clarity with health, sanity, peace of mind. Things that cannot easily disrupt your comfort and just your mind state.



Right,So, he may work for me again likewise. But, I guarantee you he has a vise and a materialism that he enjoys. He might enjoy pick-up trucks. He might have elaborative step collection in his library in his house. He may have an elaborative baseball or some childhood card collection that he has and is very very valuable and puts a lot of time usually into. So at the end of the day, whether its legacy watches etc. They are human beings within themselves likes to be reminded how hard they have worked for them to have what other people don’t normally can have.



I don’t take anything for granted. Not like when you were a young person. But, I look back on and I appreciate that I have the strength and confidence to get myself out there. Overall, it’s a peace of mind. As long as you have your sanity and your health, you can get anything. You just have to believe. The power of believe is real.



You got to know when to be confident, but also putting that humbleness in your pocket. The saying the people say “ you need to get om high horse” Well you need to know when you need to step down of your high horse. You need to know the right time to avoid the risk of breaking your leg, your neck etc.

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