SWAV 261 : Everything you need to know about Private Labeling W/ Melody Bockelman


SWAV 261 : Everything you need to know about Private Labeling W/ Melody Bockelman



Special Guest:

Melody Bockelman

Owner Private Label Insider

Beauty and Product Development Firm

Instagram: @beautybizexpert



Dropshipping your own brand or you can drop ship a wholesalers brand, the advantage of always owning your own brand even if you private label and have someone dropship it for you, Maybe, I should clarify the two terms for the people that listen. So, when you private label it become your own brand. You can have a dropshipper drop it for you, but it’s your own brand. So, that’s one option. The other option is dropshipping someone else’s brand. The dilemma of dropshipping other brand is when they get big enough or you get competition, then you get price competition and you can lose your business basically, over it. So, I am a really big fan of “If you’re going to make t-shirts to put your own label on it, private label it.” So, whatever method you are doing whether your own fulfillment or dropshipping it for you and selling it up on Amazon or local store. You are always protected under your own brand.



Well, you know the biggest issue is your people skills when you transition from into any business. Unfortunately, for me I love people and I say unfortunate because I always assume the best. So, I have a couple of shocking lessons on working with clients and so now we have more formal boundaries in place and systems. So that things are definitely more formalize and not a hand-shake deal, cause I get excited with the project and really love the person. It’s just that I keep going and not realizing, hey I need to build them, all the contracts are signed and those sorts of things. Transitioning to that is the hardest thing because I really didn’t think that, Oh this could go wrong or something like that.



I feel like every brand need to be building their mailing list. I really feel that, that is important. And so, I think even if you are on just instagram, you need to be building your mailing list. This is just to make sure that in the event that your platform goes away, you can still be consistent with your business. And, what eventually happen is that people will start on a direct consumers on instagram or social media, that kind of thing and then they will add wholesale eventually.



That’s right! Slow down! I think slowing down is important. Slow down, take a step back. Put your system in, do your research as it makes life easier.

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