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SWAV 262 : Information + Effort = Success



Quote of the Day:  

No one wants to look back and say “I almost did it” – Big Shaun


The list of what you want to do will always be more, but you don’t want to be walking around with regrets or just almost did it.Thinks will always work itself out. When you have faith and you are pursuing something bigger than you, and you take conscious decision that you will do the things that makes you uncomfortable, you are going to be good. You are going to be great and you’ll be amazing. Be in that part of your life where you’ll say “I am glad I made that decision”.


Topic for Today:  Information + Effort = Success

When you are trying to reflect and analyze this and that. If you are struggling in live and you are not where you have to be, you lack one of two things: you lack information or you lack effort. That’s it! That is the only two thing that will stop you in achieving what you need to achieve.



  1. Read Books – read on books that will give you the information that you need
  2. Find a mentor – someone that can guide you to get you where you need to go
  3. Make mistake – mistakes give you the information that you need to stand up and continue



  1. Just do it and combat being lazy
  2. Find motivation or what you are self motivated to do.
  3. Depression does make you lack effort. Battle your depression by a better habit.
  4. Discipline, create a discipline


A millionaire understands that importance of information. They would pay $5k to gain the information that they need in a short period of time to make them $10K. But, a broke person won’t pay $30 on anything that can make them $150. Spend money to learn and put the effort to make it happen.


Book recommendation:

Quit Your Job in 19 Weeks or Less: The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Blueprint by Sean Terry

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