SWAV 263 : How to make the first 6 Figures in your Business W/ Kelly Roach

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SWAV 263 : How to make the first 6 Figures in your Business W/ Kelly Roach



Special Guest:

Kelly Roach

Business Growth Strategies and Peak Performance Coach

(Sales, Marketing, Productivity and Leadership)

Podcast: Unstoppable Success Radio



If you have a vision for your life of getting that 10K or 100k dollar mark, you have to be really good on what it takes to get to a 100k. And then, you’ll have a springboard to get to the next level.



… getting an income and turning a profit to invest on the things you need to grow. But, a lot of people want to see that investment, they want to see their business grow and they say “when I see my business grow, then I will hire a business coach” etc. But, it doesn’t work that way. You have to make that investment in yourself and make that investment in your business so it can grow and then your business pays you back in multiple as a thank you for the investment that you did.



… Yes, so all my program.. Let’s say the simple zero to 100k system for entrepreneur and legacy leaders. On this program, we teach people to do a hybrid model business. That means doing a combination of both online and offline efforts, which is the fastest and the easiest way to grow because you leverage the power of the internet but your still have the human connection to break the internet and be full circle and get the people faster and greater ease. But, that being said you can utilize the internet..but you need to still need to engage. It will never replace getting in a room and building connection that can create a tipping point for your leverage.



I couldn’t agree more. I did that in my corporate life and I will not do that anymore because I want to live my life. I want to look back into my life and have memories and I want to have relationships and valuable experiences. I want to have been present in my whole life, and I think that is really the key. It’s a misconception with needing to be 24hrs in your business… Focus your time into profit giving things.


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