SWAV 265 : On the Road to a $500M Company W/ Thom King

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SWAV 265 : On the Road to a $500M Company W/ Thom King



Special Guest:

Thom King

National Sweetener Company



I mean I had like a burning desire to address metabolic disease meaning obesity and diabetics and new 2 combined which I call diabetics. You know my main goal was to help come up with a system or an idea that would help or wipe out the metabolic disease.



.. and then just over time, in 2008 a very very large agro company petition the FDA to help allow astridia as a sweetener and they approved it because they had allot of poll in FDA. That’s when we started selling out product.



To bring value to consumer as eating sugar can give you diabetes and you can get some other health issues. And I am here to contribute and to help, that is the biggest factor for me!



At Least 3 months. Still. The process of formulating new consumer good. It is still a long process to see how the product taste and how to do the marketing. Label and serving sized. Its pretty drawn process.



The principle that I would give would be fill your mind with positive messages such as listening to a podcast like “Start With A Vision”. I think it is super helpful and get your mind into the right direction. Make you plan, work your plan, be persistent and never never give up! hassle and grind!


Connect with Thom King:

Twitter @steviva

Twitter @Thomking

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