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SWAV 274 : How to be THE and not A



Quote of the Day:

Either you are going to tell the story that spread or you will be irrelevant – Seth Godin


If you won’t be the one to tell story about your brand to attract more audience and people, then you will be irrelevant. No one will know your business, buy from you or know you.


Topic for Today: How to be THE and not A


Let us say you are an author and the book you sell is about sales. So what I am saying is how to be THE Author and not just a Author. Like how to be THE sales expert as opposed to a sales expert.The difference of THE expert is that you get to tell your price. You are more value and more sought after. If you are A, you are settling for what is given to you. And this goes for life. Anything in life goes for this ideology

  1. Shoot for the top and the best – in the beginning, you should have the endgame in mind. You should start looking at yourself in the high level because you’ll then operate in that sphere. Shoot for the absolute best, it may take time but you shouldn’t abort your mission.
  2. Focus – If you are not able to mentally focus on just this task or building this business or writing the book. If you are not fully focus, you will not see the benefit that you want to see. You won’t be able to see the success at all.
  3. Separate yourself from the pack – you can’t and shouldn’t. Separate yourself from the pack mentality. You have to be uniquely you. Look at every great person, they all have something that separates them and makes them stand out. It can be their story, cloth or attitude. You have to find that uniquely separates you from the rest. Be you so people can respect you and recognize you.


Find a way to stay relevant in the industry you are part of.


Book recommendation

The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime! – M. J. DeMarco

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