SWAV 277 : Growing a Business and starting a Scholarship W/ Quincy Hall

SWAV 277 : Growing a Business and starting a Scholarship W/ Quincy Hall



Special Guest:

Quicy Hall

Cellphone Repair and Imprint



  • I started it on 2011 right after I graduated. The goal was just to keep a couple of phones in a week to just pay a few bills, but I knew everybody has cellphones. So, I knew I had the potential to grow. So, I met a lot of people and build a lot of clientele over 5 years. In 2016, I said “I can’t keep doing this out of my apartment” I can’t keep doing it without a location, cause my family comes into play. So I need some kind of establishment. By the time we did the first interview,I was on the process of looking for location and there maybe a week or two after things fall through with location downtown.


  • Yes, so I am sharing studio. That deal went into effect last July 1st and it was a teammate of mine in college. He is more like a brother, we have a great relationship. So, yeah. That went into effect July 1st and it has been working well.


  • That puts up to the “You’re not bringing your end of the bargain” or “You’re not doing enough” and if you want to deal with somebody who really bring more to the table and you try to help them come up. Well, then make sure you have a bigger control and interest. IE. you own 75% of it and the other person owns 25% and once they start meeting the level you want then you can readjust the percentage to where it is an even playing field.


  • Personal accountant. He wants to take that leap to creating his own business and build up his clientele. So, we are going to explore that towards the end of the year and find a location that make sense for him. I help fund that to get him going on his feet in exchange of percentage.


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Social Media: @Qredhall and @QUEHALL

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