SWAV 279 : Transitioning into new Streams of income W/ Dominic Turner

SWAV 279 : Transitioning into new Streams of income W/ Dominic Turner



Special Guest:

Dominic Turner

Dominic Turner Real Estate



  • When I speak about passion. Passion to me is something that can be attained. We are taught like “do what you love”, never work a day type of thing. With real estate which is my first business, I never really necessarily was passionate about selling real estate. And then I started to question, is that really a passion? What is there to be passionate about? Then I realize, when you hit certain milestone I realize I am passionate about a lot of things.


  • Before you even take that next leap. So you don’t want to necessarily just completely jump out. You kind of want to tippy-toe yourself to something new. For me, it’s more so like I am going to implement thing in the business to allow me to start focusing on new things while continuing what is already generating income for you.


  • Yes, cause I created it. My business partner was like “Man, you need some more time on it?” I am like “Dude, I got to make this business perfect to the point where it will oil like a machine and then I will jump into that” cause I understand. People don’t check themselves. You have to know your personality too.


  • Take the online skills that I have been developing through time, trial and education apply that to general knowledge of running a business. Boom! That would have exponential growth in like less that 12 months. Guaranteed. And I can do that to business and business and so forth.


  • Still working on! I got eight different ways flow and stream flowing and coming in to me. And you want to be develop into something where you are taking something from each one without taking everything from just single one of it.


  • He taught me how to find, how to flip and stuff like that. That was just the skill, but he wasn’t able to teach me how to actually like at the back side of things. Operating expenses, hiring and firing people, processes and procedures. Etc.


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