SWAV 281 : From the back of a police car to $40k per Month W/ Will Glenn

SWAV 281 : From the back of a police car to $40k per Month W/ Will Glenn


Special Guest:

Will Glenn

Visa Card



  • Doing and take on, and take on. So, I have $800 away from the store. I am not working at that time, I come the next month or 3 weeks. The next thing I know, the police is calling me and they were like “We got you on camera stealing”, “We got you on camera taking all the money on the cars”. First of, you cannot take the money of the cards because the money is already on the card.


  • Premier autos and my first claim was car dealership. So, I walk in one day and said “I am the guy who emailed you about marketing” and he was like “We already have a social media marketer, but he is not doing a really good job as a social media marketer.”


  • For time to time like “Hey, I am going to get through this. There will is gonna be light at the end of the tunnel” So you just seat there, coat yourself, build yourself up. Be your own motivation…You cannot have a miracle, if you’re not in a disaster


  • I kind of have a label right now cause I am in prison under. I say I kind of have cause it’s my own label. But, that’s pretty much the big thing. I want have my very own label, my own promotion team and my own radio station.


  • Let me just cut you off. You said rapper. A lot of people don’t know about me? That’s the first thing people think because I am black, “Rapper”. Every song that I put out has been pop and edm for the last 2 years. Now, the rappers are going to come next year cause right now the money is not in the rap anymore. Rap money comes from shows.


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Twitter: @WillGlennJDM @SeanJordan

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Youtube: WillGlenn

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