SWAV 291 : Innovating the Non Profit Industry W/ Brandon Miller

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SWAV 291 : Innovating the Non Profit Industry W/ Brandon Miller

Special Guest:

Brandon Miller




  • The first non-profit that I co-founded, I actually started when I was still an undergrad at Georgia Sax about 3 years ago and it’s called the Black Burdell INC. and our mission is to help cultivate young black entrepreneur. In my first business I was like, man I don’t really know what I am doing. I see P. Diddy, I see Dang John but I do not know the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. So we really started with this non – profit young entrepreneurs and figure it out and build community where we can learn from other people’s mistake.


  • Its very much similar to LLC when you put your Articles of Incorporation, when you get your board of directors. You have to have 3 members on your board. But, it is very much similar to LLC and the last step is to accept status. My team leverages a lot of the resources that are out there.


  • She was like “Hey, this is what you’re doing. We know you are philanthropic company as well. We are trying to expand the reach of our future global business through our resources and the funds that we are raising. They open up their bigger flagship store in Austin. Two of us are free and given discount code, so everyone who attended the seminar gets free discount on the store.


  • We wanted to bring a community into our business. Similar to a black wall street, where these are black wall entrepreneur who wants to build their economic status in life. So through the scholarship that we provide to collegate entrepreneurs to the compases that we throw.


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