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SWAV 292 : Your Last 3 Vs. Your First 9


Quote of the Day

All great changes are preceded by chaos – Deepak Chopra


The darkest hours of the nights comes before the sunrise. When you look at your life, you may feel or think everything is crashing down, nothing is going right. If you understand the cycle, you’ll be so much better off because everything in life has a cycle. Look at nature, it has a cycle. Look at life, a child is born male or female. They grow up and they go through their adolescence cycle and become an adult, they get married and have a kid. Now, the kid will repeat it too. So understand that it’s a cycle.You already understand what is going to happen.


Topic of the Day:

Your Last 3 Vs. Your First 9


My last 3 months are going to be bigger than the first 9months, because of the work I have put in within the first 9 months. Momentum! Planting a seed, its harvest season. You’ve been working all year for what? Are you going to let this year end without achieving the goal you wanted. You wanted to hit 300K or whatever, are you going to let this year end without realizing those goals? What do you need to do to accomplish or finish the goals that you set out for yourself. What do you need to do to get to where you want to go.


For the next 90 days what do you need to do? How many have you done to contribute to the goals?And how many more do you think you need to do? Do you have everything tracked? Do you need to be more organized? What is it? What do you need to do to accomplish your goals, which is by December 31?


Honestly, you have more time than you think. While people relax, you have abundance of opportunity and success. For the last 9 months have you been planting your seeds? I want you to really think about it. Have you been planting your seed this year like you said you have been working. Have you been really putting in the work. Have you been consistent with your goals? Have you been diligent? Have you persevere through the pain?


Think of what you’ve done and what you’ve accomplished. Then bridge the gap. How much effort that you’ve put forth and what you’ve accomplished. When you see the gap, focus on that in the next 90 days.


It’s time to go all in, it is time to sprint. Your plans should have been made within 90 days. Do you realize that in 90 days your life can change forever. Its time, this is the last quarter. 2018 is here in a snap of a fingers. So my question is are you going to let the last quarter to be more than 9 months. Do you have the momentum? If not, you need to work on the momentum.

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