SWAV 293 : When you love yourself your business loves you back W/ R’Chelle Lynn

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SWAV 293 : When you love yourself your business loves you back W/ R’Chelle Lynn



Speaker R’Chell Lynn

Content Digital Marketer and Brand Manager



  • So technically, I am a content digital marketer and brand manager. That means, I help work with my clients to create compelling content that makes them attract and engage with their ideal clients


  • I realized more about the solopreneur. I realize that it is possible to be in a service based business more so, than our product. I think that was one the biggest things that stresses me out. When I initially started in the business, I didn’t have a tangible product. I was out there, no shade. I was just a girl with tshirt getting fit, mugs didn’t fit to my brand, make up bags didn’t fit in.


  • I have been to a certain point and I think you have to understand when that point is. I think when you begin this thing, when you are doing your business mapping out 3,6,9 fold for months. You have to have a decision to say, well at this particular thing, once this is then this should happen.


  • Well that too, we got to stop doing that to your brand BMW. You purchase a brand BMW cash, here is a think. It is a little bit tough. It’s not brand new BMW, but the way people reacted..”Oh, what can I have nice things?I work really hard!”


  • Because I am a creative writer. I tell people to script it. So, I told every new client that I worked with. I ask them to right your business story in the present as you would see it in the future and put it in a place where you’ll see it everyday.


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