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SWAV 294 : Hunting Vs. Fishing

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Quote of the Day:
You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place — no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.- Maya Angelou


Embrace where you are and stop trying to be everything. Stop trying to do this and do that, stop focusing on all that. If you focus on all of that, how to expect to be big, to be successful or to be at peace with who you are? Common! You are only free, if you accept and surrender. When you accept the changes and surrender your life to it forever, your life will change. Accept it in the best way possible that you cannot control certain things. You can only control who you are and your mindset. So if you are somewhere because of something else, why are you mad at that? That is where you are supposed to be.


The price is high, but the reward is great. You need to sacrifice, but on the other side that price you pay on the other side of that sacrifice. You already know you are going to be amazing.

Topic of the Day:

Hunting Vs. Fishing


Before we talk answer this? What is the difference between fishing and hunting? So you go out and your get on the boat, get the bait and you cast away and seat and wait and wait. When you go fishing, you may wait for 3-4hrs to get a bite. It is perfectly fine. But, what happens? You get it and got a 3 pound fish and you repeat the process.


Hunting is pretty similar. You wake up early, you have your rifle, you plan on a day before what you want to catch and you tactically approach everything. What does that mean? I am going to quietly walk in this woods, you pull out your rifle and make your perfect angle. After that, you aim and you fire. You get it or you don’t and that is it. Once you kill that buck or bison, you take a photo and be proud.


What is the fundamental difference of the two? When you go fishing, you get what you are giving. When you go hunting, you go after what the hell it is you say you want. Do you hear what I am saying? When you go fishing, you go accept what comes. You throw it out there and just accept what comes. When you go hunting, its all or none. You are going all in and going after what you want. You want a bison, you go after the bison. You want a deer, you go after the deer. Etc. But, when you go fishing, you get what you’ve given.


A lot of people here are just fishing in life, they are not hunting. They are fishing with life and that is it. They are not happy, they put the bait out there and that is it. What do I mean? People put in a job application to a 100 people on Monster and who ever calls back that is it, they accept it. But, how many people you know going to a job or company and says “This is where I am going to work at, this is where I am going to be and I know this for a fact!” That is called hunting. Hunters know what they want, fisherman don’t. That is the difference. So, I want to encourage everyone to go hunting and don’t fish, cause I guarantee you that you will get more of what you deserve.

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