SWAV 295 : Bridging the Gap of College & Entrepreneurship W/ Brian Fontenot

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SWAV 295 : Bridging the Gap of College & Entrepreneurship W/ Brian Fontenot


Speaker: Brian Fontenot

Entrepreneu, Philantropist, World Traveler and Public Speaker

BLF Foundation



  • The BLF Fundation helps future generation by helping them with incorporation of softskills, emotional intelligent to know professional development and training through our program and we also offer scholarships to help them with financial cost while they stay in school, successfully graduation school and eventually equip them with the necessary tools…


  • The first thing I sat down and focus on is figuring my WHY. Why was I going to do this foundation? I have always find that in building a business you have to have a clear WHY. Secondly, you have to have know the clear problem that you are solving and third is why it benefits all this people. And if you can answer all of those 3 questions really well, I know you have a solid business and most importantly you are going to find success.


  • It is something I held close to me that I wanted to do for a very long long time. I probably had this idea for the foundation when I was 18 years old and that was like almost a decade later I finally able to execute on the vision.


  • So I never took the opportunity to turn down learning. I went to study photography when I was in college. I sat with somebody and say “Hey, can I be an apprentice?’ I sat there for maybe a couple of week. They still taught me something, so then I went out and study photography business.


  • And sometimes it doesn’t have to be large scale. But, I pulled out that lesson from Dubai. I pulled a lot of lessons from other countries and I think that is why I really love this tour cause I was really guiding into the culture and it help me to change the way in I see life and that is what I really love about traveling.


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