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SWAV 296 : Success = Your Morning Routine



Quote of the Day: All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure. – Mark Twain



All you need is to be ignorant to be able to say, I am not scared. You need to be able to say, I am just going to jump. You need to be able to say certain things like that in order for you to take the action to do certain on this journey of entrepreneurship. You need to be ignorant in many things to be able to take the action. But also, you need to have the confidence. The confidence is what will also push you to have the believe in them. It will push you to take the action with the ignorance, because if you are ignorant you are not really scared of, you are not thinking. You my friend definitely are going to be in a better life because of the action that you took. You cannot take the action if you do not have ignorance or confidence.

Stay foolish, stay selfish – Steve Jobs

Stay foolish is similar to being ignorance. If you are foolish, you are not worried of the consequences. All you need is the ignorance and confidence to be successful.


Topic of the Day:

Success = Your Morning Routine


The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg


This book talks about you habit and the power of habits. I want you to think about this, if you dont have routine, you’ll get inconsistent result. So, when you go to work, there is always some rules before your start something and because of that why companies and businesses are successful. My morning ritual, I wake up 4-5am. I wake up, drink some water and all that stuff, then I go to the gym. My goal is to be in the gym before 5:30 – 6;00 am. I go to the gym for 60-75 mins and then I go home. Then what I do is I eat some food, I meditate and shower, then I go to work. I normally work 8:30-ish.


What I have learned is that everytime I start my day that way. What happen is that I have more clarity and I feel much much more better about everything. And this is all because I have a routine. Imagine team player, they do have a routine every game. Football player does the same routine every single game because they understand habit. When you have good habit, you can conquer everything in this world. So that is my morning routine; wake up, gym, eat, meditate, shower, then work.


I am thinking of the day where you have not done, what you are usually used to. It might have been an off day for you. Why is that? Because you didn’t do the morning routine you are used too. Now, it is important to do this. Sometimes you need to test to find out, which morning routine is better and best for you. But, at the same time you can, should find the morning routine that you can do. Cause when you find that morning routine, you are so much more effective when you know you have a routine.


Finish you day before you start your day.


Because of that, you want to have some outline for yourself. You do not have to be a robot , you do not have to stick to it. But you should know that you have the calendar set up, it’s all about you. It’s all about being you, about you. Your morning time is for you, I normally wouldn’t take a call till its 9am cause my morning is for me and not for anybody else. The morning time is for me and because of that I have clarity, I can write on my journal and feel good for the day.


Give time for yourself. Give time to reflect. Give time to be peaceful. It will change your mind dramatically and you will get so much more accomplished.

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