SWAV 297 : Your Story will set you free W/ Stacie Walker

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SWAV 297 : Your Story will set you free W/ Stacie Walker

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Stacie Walker




  • I never ever thought I would be in this place today. I never grew up with entrepreneurial influence. I go to school and get my education, get a career till I retire. Up until 2008, I work many many different jobs because either I quit or got fired and don’t get me wrong. I was great at whatever I did, but I got bored and I feel like I didn’t fit in. I thought there was something wrong with me for a long time because I just cant figure out why can’t I be like Joe or Jane that has been in the company for some x amount of years? Arrive work on time? I was the one that either got fired or quit.


  • I don’t work 14 hrs a day. I work 3-4 hrs a day. I travel more and go figure, I make more money this time around. So, it’s all a mindset thing. I have to ship the way I am thinking, but I think the biggest factor in knowing when to slow down and when to take a break, is you got to listen to your body. You got to be really aware of the relationship that you have. Are you really spending time with the people that you love? Yourself? Do you do things that fill you up that just your business?


  • Ashamed of the things I did in the past. I was scared, I do not want to be judge. I thought people aren’t going to like me. I use to be a big people kind of person. I want everybody to like me. But, I didn’t feel free on those five years because I was not sharing all of myself. And that right there, I was able to dig deep down myself about my psychic and really dig deep inside and share myself openly and unapologetically.


  • And you know, for your audience. I am not saying share the bad stuff, I am saying share everything. I have a woman yesterday in one of the groups I was a part of, she said she compares her story to other people, but she feels her story is boring. I told her, your story isn’t boring because the things is nobody has been through with what you’ve been through to the T. All of the experiences you have even those that you think is boring is a lesson to learn. What lesson did you learn? What shaped you to be the person you are today?

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