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SWAV 298 : You Must Lie to yourself


Quote of the Day:

If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. – John D. Rockefeller


This is about being trailblazer, at the end. This is what life is about, this ia what entrepreneur is about. Done that before, make new paths and new opportunity for other people, you got to trailblaze your way. Stop doing what somebody else has been successful at time and time again. Where is the excitement in that. Do you get excited doing what 9 people have already accomplished? Or do you get more excited when you see someone who have done something that is completely out of the ordinary and made a killing off of it and is helping other people too. What is more legacy base? Going down the same path or making a new path and creating new opportunity. That is what the quote was saying.


What is accepted success? Going up the company ladder, going up the corporate ladder. Go getting a degree and a better job, like that is accepted success. But, why don’t you say… “I am going to be different. I am doing college, finish it out. But, I am going to start this business. Not a lot of people are saying this, but I am going to do it” What if you did that? What if you took it upon yourself to be you and show the world how amazing you actually are. You are amazing. You have so much inside of you.If I say “I am going to put it out there? Take the route less traveled.


Topic of the Day:

You Must Lie to Yourself


The mind is a very powerful thing. A lot of people may not know it, honor it or not really use their mind to its full potential. But, at the same time the mind is still very powerful and you can make it think what it wants to believe, right? You can condition it to believe whatever you want it to believe, whether it is good or bad. I say this why? You got to keep lying to yourself


I know two people and let me walk you through their journey and journey. Both when through same journey. One person has this crazy like vision. Like “yow, I do not have a degree. So, I know I won’t be in this position to be too successful in this corporate world, so I think I need to figure out some type of business to start.”. And this other friend has a degree and he os going to be a doctor. So, she is like “I am good, I am good with medical school.  I am going to be a brain surgeon, so that is my life. I am going to earn six figure and that is just what it is”. But, he was telling the other friend, you can do it and you can make this happen.


And so, time goes on. So the guy went to med school to get residency and he’s doing what he needs to do and to graduate and become a brain surgeon. He is ready to perform brain surgery. So, the other guy, was undergrad at age 22. He had a general degree college, but he didn’t think he would have a good chance at the corporate world. So, his family was like “Why are you lying to yourself? You can do great in corporate America” and he says “this is just how I feel”. So time goes on and he finds a business to start. He starts his business at a real estate. So, he gets in the business and the industry. He is learning and he became an agent because that has some type of structure and it has something for him to learn and make some money while he could. So, time goes on. He was okay as an agent, but he wants to do something bigger and better. He starts to take investing seriously. He started investing buying house and rental properties as he can, then he started building his small portfolio. Slowly but surely, people are saying “You are doing great, you doing big. How can I be in the real estate?”


The friend in Med school, he finished owning 300K in student loan debt. But, he is earning 400K -500K as a surgeon every year. So, he has all his debt at 33, but he is happy because he went to school for so long and doing surgery. The other friend who has been lying to himself that he couldn’t be in corporate America, his 30 and he is just at his first year where he hit 700k in one year as a real estate and entrepreneur.


So, what is the difference of the two? One person lied to himself and the other person continued to follow this path he only saw possible. In this life, you have to lie to yourself. If you want to be great, something different or someone different, you have to lie to yourself. You have to say, this is possible and I am going to do this no matter what other people tell you. If you are in debt right now and you have no job and broke. You have to lie to yourself telling you can do this. You gotta lie to yourself  and say you are valuable. You gotta lie to yourself to do all of this. You have to lie to yourself, because this world will put so many things in you. You have to lie to yourself, you have to be crazy!


If you want to succeed in life, you may want to lie to yourself. But, which lie are you going to believe? If you have a job right now, lie to yourself and say you will be successful. Lie to yourself, till you sees success.

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