SWAV 299 : How to plan to most Epic event to grow your business W/ Bola Ibidapo

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SWAV 299 : How to plan to most Epic event to grow your business W/ Bola Ibidapo


Special Guest:

Bola Ibidapo

Non-profit Queen

“Change the world or die trying”



  • I truly believe that I am placed on this earth for a bigger. I have to find my end goal. What is the end goal in that? When you can impact other people, you are leaving a legacy. That will be a ripple effect way beyond you..My hope is when I leave this earth, people will say Bola change my whole way, the way I think talk and go.


  • You are a leader. Throughout Highschool I took on leadership position. The first black homecoming queen and I think that was all I have to do with someone believing me and I eventually believe that in myself. I just wanted to continue to influence and may a difference.


  • That is what I had to do with the queen talk. Not to bounce back to to far, but the same thing you know bouncing to different cities but not walking back. Cultivating our mission in different city, the Queen Talk is in Texas and we have advocates, this is why I was able to grow my influence. I have teachers and coaches that refers to me and say “Hey you took the time to do the workshop with the girls and I would love if you could do the same thing” Advocates, first and foremost. Finding the place where people, where the group or target can connect too.


  • We cannot just assumed. We are definitely impacting our youth, but we also want to make an impact on anyone that any type of way touch 2fly.


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Instagram: Bodapo




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