SWAV 331 How to give yourself NO EXCUSE W Auguste Crenshaw

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SWAV 331 How to give yourself NO EXCUSE W Auguste Crenshaw

KPI  or Key Performance Indicator allows you to track progress and performance. You need to have the KPI to succeed in Life.

Special Guest:

Auguste Crenshaw


Women Empowerment Coach


Auguste: Man, I am doing fabulous and excited. I have absolutely, everytime I see an opportunity to fire up an entrepreneur’s feet.


Auguste: … and when I get to do Facebook post. Who likes my page or any statistical data or whatever it is that I am doing, I do not want you messing up with the algorithm. Some people is so much more about running the business than just having a talent.


Auguste: You are going to figure out how you are going to pay this bills. So now, you want to go beast mode and running people in a storm. You do not know what you are doing on facebook and you want to grind and you want to work so the people have an idea what’s going on in your life. For most people, that is how you run business and it cannot be like that. When they say entrepreneurship it is not meant for everybody. So, if you’re going to go through this phrase of breaking through



Auguste: You are speaking to that group when you are around me or when you are around someone else. Get down to that core where you were created. Understand how your whole path and whole life journey has been of great value. Something that you can train to transfer to someone else.



Auguste: I have too especially as a women. I do not want to crash down on time, but I wanted to make sure that I get this out there and you can cut me off if I go too far. I think this is relevant because entrepreneurship requires a grind, I believe that I have to make sure that I can get pass that. If you can get pass all of these, then I will probability is much higher than we can work together.


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