SWAV 332: How to Stop Sleeping on your GIFTS W Kimberly Marie Clements

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SWAV 332: How to Stop Sleeping on your GIFTS W Kimberly Marie Clements


Kimberly Marie Clement

Web/Graphics Designer

Visual Merchandise Expert



Kimberly: Let me start from the begining on why I became an entrepreneur. It was an accident, it was not on purpose. At my last job from the one where I got laid off, I was ready to get laid off. I started my business because I needed to build my portfolio because when I graduated from college in the middle of the recession, it was hard for me to find a job. I am a web designer and graphic designer. At that time people weren’t really hiring and I don’t have any experience, so what I did was I started freelancing to get my own client and build my portfolio. Since I cannot get a job, I said I’ll just create my own job.



Kimberly: So I was excited, me and my husband. When I find out that I was getting laid off, we went out and we toss out champagne. I am like, let’s order some bottle of champagne and let’s toss this cause I have to get myself it that mindset. If I didn’t, then I will be looking for another job. I was excited, but I was also still nervous.



Kimberly: When you are making 6-figures obviously you are targeting people who have more money. So, I am talking about those who are growing their business 6 figures or more. So, obviously you need to completely have a different brand aesthetics for somebody who is starting out.



Kimberly: That is so simple. The most rewarding thing for me is that I am able to spend time with my family. Like before, I was so busy during the week. I live in LA, so driving home with traffic is like 2-hrs. So, if my mother-in-law calls me and say “Hey, do you want to go hang out today” I am able to spend time with her. I know my anxiety is on an all time low. Just being able to just enjoy my life, that is the most rewarding.



Kimberly: Learn everything you can about marketing, everything about marketing cause that is the most important thing. Today, when they start a business pretty much they are an expert on what they do, but if they do not know anything about marketing they need to learn marketing and invest in a coach…



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